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Welcome to NeoMugwump. This is the second time I’m using this name for a blog or website. This was the name of a blog I wrote from 2006 until 2012 focused mainly on politics.

The name NeoMugwump is a modern take on the word Mugwump. The dictionary describes a Mugwump as someone that is independent or above politics. But there is a more specific understanding from US history:

…according to Wikipedia, mugwumps were independent-minded Republicans. The wiki entry states that a number of Republicans refused to support the 1884 presidential candidate, James Blaine. They found him “untrustworthy” and “fraudulent.” The term has found new cache today, with the term, now badged as Neo-Mugwump, referring to centrist Republicans who are out of the step with the larger, more reactionary GOP mainstream.

Sound familiar?

With the rise of Donald Trump and how the party has been changed, it was time to revive the name again. I’ve never been a diehard partisan, but I am interested in politics and I want to see some kind rejuvenated center-right in America, which is independent of the current, corrupt GOP.

So, enjoy the reading which won’t just be on politics, but culture and sometimes on religion as well.

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